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Sewing collar & attaching to neckline

How to sew collar & collar stand

Stitch around collars & trim corners

1. Lay collar pieces face to face & stitch around the outer edge of collars. Trim corners 2mm from stitching line to reduce thickness.

2. Turn to face (bag out) & press.

press lower edge of outer collar stand3. Press lower edge of outer collar stand upwards to secure seam allowance.
attach collar to collar stands4. Place collar between collar stands & stiich together.
turn finished collar to face & press5. Turn to face & press neatly

Attaching collar to the neckline

Attaching collar to neckline

1. Pin lower edge of collar stand to neckline matching notches. Then stitch collar to neckline.

Finishing collar

2. Turn to face, tuck seam allowances into collar stand & press. Then top-stitch around collar stand 3mm from the edge, making sure that lower folded edge of the collar stand in caught in the seam. For clean/classic look sink-stitch (stitch in the ditch) along the neckline seam to connect lower collar stand.

3. Press your finished collar. 


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